Colour illustrations

iraq death toll

Figure 18.1: Iraq’s Bloody Toll, by Simon Scarr, published in the South China Morning Post on December 17, 2011


Figure 18.2

Figure 18.2: Iraq: Deaths on the Decline, by Andy Cotgreave, published online at on October 16, 2014


Figure 18.3

Figure 18.3: screengrab from the Seeing Data website showing 14 common chart types,


Figure 18.4

Figure 18.4: ‘The purpose map’ by Andy Kirk (2016)


Figure 18.7

Figure 18.5: EU-Born Residents as Share of Local Non-UK Born, England and Wales


Figure 18.8

Figure 18.6: Screenshot of ‘Migration in the Census’, Comparative View


Figure 18.9

Figure 18.7: Modifiers of ‘Immigrants’ in the Tabloid Press, 2010-2012


Figure 18.10

Figure 18.8: Modifiers of ‘Immigrants’, All Publication Types, 2010-2012


Figure 18.11

Figure 18.9: Screenshot of Frequency Analysis with Annotation, All Publications (a work-in-progress version of the interactive ‘Migration in the News’ visualisation can be found at


Figure 18.12

Figure 18.10: Screenshot of Modifiers of ‘Asylum Seekers’, All Publications