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The Cognitive Sciences: An Interdisciplinary Approach, Second Edition offers an engaging, thorough introduction to the cognitive sciences. Authors Carolyn P. Sobel and Paul Li examine the historical and contemporary issues and research findings of the core cognitive science disciplines: cognitive psychology, neuroscience, artificial intelligence, linguistics, evolutionary psychology, and philosophy. For each of these core disciplines, the historical development and classic research studies are presented in one chapter and current research development and issues follow in a second chapter, offering students a broad understanding of the development of each concentration in the cognitive sciences. The text presents a student-friendly approach to understanding how each discipline has contributed to the growth of cognitive science and the implications for future research.


We gratefully acknowledge Carolyn P. Sobel and Paul Li for writing an excellent text and for their work on this site. Special thanks is also due to Carrie Margolin for her work on the Test Bank.

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