Additional Readings

Print Based

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Audio-Visual Materials

  • Confronting Racial and Gender Difference: Three Approaches to Multicultural Counseling and Therapy: Available from Microtraining Associates, 80:43 mins
  • Multicultural Competence: Awareness, Knowledge & Skills: Available from Microtraining Associates, 2004, 38:49 mins
  • Multicultural Counseling: Intake and Follow Up: Available from Alexander Street Press, 2011, 72:08 mins
  • Multicultural Counseling/Therapy: Culturally Appropriate Intervention Strategies: Available from Microtraining Associates, 2003, 69:52 mins
  • Multicultural Supervision: Available from Microtraining Associates, 2010, 93:25 mins
  • White Privilege: Available from Alexander Street Press, 2011, 24:42 mins