Web activities

These activities include brainstorming activities, further reading, weblinks to external sites, and enable you to examine and relect upon the methods of both real-world studies and the methods chosen by fictional nursing and midwifery students introduced in chapter one.

Activity 14.1: How to Prepare Scholarly Literature Reviews

Activity 14.2: Finding and Comparing Narrative Reviews

Download five qualitative research papers on a topic you are interested in. For example, you could try ‘Individualised care for women with assisted conception pregnancies and midwifery practice implications: An analysis of the existing research and current practice’ from the Midwifery journal (Elsevier 2015).

Compare the literature reviews for each in respect of their structure and depth.

What are the similarities and differences of each?

For the papers as a whole what does the literature contribute to the knowledge on the topic?

To what extent do the findings of each paper agree or disagree with the literature it cites?

To what extent do the findings of the papers agree with each other?