Web activities

These activities include brainstorming activities, further reading, weblinks to external sites, and enable you to examine and relect upon the methods of both real-world studies and the methods chosen by fictional nursing and midwifery students introduced in chapter one.

Activity 2.1: Evaluating Your Work Environment

In your work setting there will be aspects of the work that either:

  • are based on evidence (e.g. guidelines, protocols, pathways);
  • have been changed in response to audit or feedback from the people you care for;
  • are being studied as part of research projects or clinical trials;
  • are historical and have always been done that way.

Select one aspect of your work:

  • identify why work is done in this way;
  • identify how this work impacts on the people you care for;
  • review the evidence to support this way of working and note down your thoughts on this and what changes could be made to improve practice based on the evidence or recommendations that you have looked at.