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Watch the following video to learn what managers should know about how best to use the Internet to hire employees. This video provides a solid summary of the key benefits of online recruitment (1:40).


There are some downsides to using the internet for recruiting purposes. Although the benefits tend to outweigh the downsides, it is still important to be mindful of the downsides. Watch the following video to review what some of the most common issues to watch for when hiring through the Internet are (3:08).


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Like any process there are going to be advantages and disadvantages to it. Employee recruitment through the use of the Internet also has its advantages and disadvantages. Read the following article to get a thorough listing of both.


Read the following article to get a thorough review of Internet recruitment. The use of the Internet to recruit employment candidates is becoming more and more common, and this article provides a thorough assessment of how it works and how it is beneficial to HRM professionals and their employers.