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Social media has become a core element of society as to how individuals communicate, interact, and engage one another. HRM can not ignore social media but engage it. Watch the following video to learn how HRM must adjust to, accept, and adapt to social media (8:46).


The following video provides tools and tips for professionals in the workplace and how to use social media for their professional growth. HRM departments use and access social media sites, and this video provides key suggestions for how use social media properly to assist in individuals obtaining jobs and careers by using social media (12:22).



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There are a number of changes that social media has made to the human resource management aspect of organizations. Read the following article, and you will learn about some of the key roles that social media has been playing in HRM.


Read this article about social media and how it is impacting human resource management. Social media can not be ignored by HRM professionals, as it is becoming a core element of how individuals communicate and interact, which is evolving in organizations and how individuals seek positions and careers.