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The following video provides the foundation of what is meant by employee compensation. There are a number of factors and issues that go into designing an employee compensation package and system for an organization, and this video covers them well (8:34).


Compensation management is not easy to do and requires a great deal of time, energy, and focus by the HRM department. Watch the following video to gain a solid insight to what all is involved with compensation management, for which HRIS programs must assist in maintaining (3:16).



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The following article provides details and specifics related to how HRIS programs can benefit employees and their compensation programs. The provision and maintenance of HRM compensation and benefits information is beneficial to employees, and this article outlines how that occurs.


When it comes to employee compensation, payroll, and the overall system within an organization, it is essential that HRIS integrates this program and information properly and efficiently. Read the following article on how employee pay and compensation should be integrated in HRIS.