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Watch the following video to learn what is meant by and involved with change management. Change management is an element of running an organization that must be fully understood and appreciated. This video provides a thorough description of what change management is and why it is so critical to focus on in today’s workplace (9:18).


When significant changes are taking place within an organization, the human resource management department should be directly involved with the process. Watch the following video, and see some of the most common HRM and HRIS issues that arise when managing a major organizational change (4:14).


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Read the following article to learn more about change management and how human resource information systems can assist in this important organizational process. This article breaks down a number of HRIS elements and how they relate to the overall change management process.


The following article breaks down five key ways HRIS can assist with change management. It is very important for organizations and their HRM department to know the areas of their internal operations that require change and how HRM and HRIS can help manage those changes and during the process of that change.