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The privacy and security of employee information is a major concern and responsibility of any HRM professional. Watch the following video to learn how HRIS can properly protect individual worker information (3:11).


Data and information must be kept private and secure. It is essential for organizations to make sure that their internal information is secure so that individual employee information is not used by anyone who is not cleared to review and use it. Watch the following video to gain good insight as to why it is so important to maintain security of data (3:40).


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There are a number of issues related to the maintenance of privacy and protection of employee information and data. Read the following article to gain a solid understanding of how this is done and why it is so vital for organizations to maintain.


The use of mobile applications has enabled more information to be accessed and obtained in a constant and immediate manner. Read the following article, and learn more about HRIS apps and how they must be designed to maintain privacy and protection of employee data.