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Watch the following video to gain insight into international human resource management, specifically as it relates to expatriates. The video is a clear and simple way of describing what is meant by expatriates and other aspects of international HRM (2:17).


The following video provides a solid summary of key elements and aspects of international HRM practices and issues. This video graphic outlines the many factors that any organization having global operations must be mindful of in regards to their HRM practices (3:34).


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Read the following article to gain insight to the many challenges that relate to international human resource management. These are some of the more common concerns and issues that are raised when organizations have operations in foreign markets as they seek to integrate HRM practices.


The following article provides a lot of information and details related to human resource management for international organizations. There are many issues and factors to be mindful of when it comes to international HRM matters, and this article addressed many of them.