SAGE Journal Articles

Bradley, M. M., Moulder, B., & Lang, P. J. (2005). When good things go bad: The reflex physiology of defense. Psychological Science, 16(6), 468-473.

This is a research article focused on the potentiation of the reflexive startle blink.


  1. What prompts the reflexive startle blink?
  2. How did the authors interpret the affective modulation of the startle reflex?
  3. When was the startle reflex potentiated?

Ivkovich, D., Collins, K. L., Eckerman, C. O., Krasnegor, N. A. & Stanton, M. E. (1999). Classical delay eyeblink conditioning in 4-and 5-month-old human infants. Psychological Science, 9(2), 146-149.

This is a research article focusing on the use of classical conditioning to train 4 and 5 month infants to associate a tone with an air puff thus training an instinctive behavior, the eye blink.


  1. What is the CS?
  2. What is the US?
  3. What is the difference between the paired and unpaired groups?