SAGE Journal Articles

Baccus, J. R., Baldwin, M.W. & Packer, D.J. (2004). Increasing implicit self-esteem through classical conditioning. Psychological Science, 15(7), 498-502.

This is a research article focusing on the use of a classical conditioning protocol in order to improve self-esteem in university undergraduates.


  1. In what way did the researchers draw on Pavlovian conditioning?
  2. How did the authors measure implicit self-esteem?
  3. What is implicit self-esteem?

Symon, J. B. (2001). Parent education for autism: Issues in providing services at a distance. Journal of Positive Behavior Interventions, 3(3), 160-174.

This article focuses on positive behavioral interventions, to be used by parents of children with autism, to improve the wellbeing of both the child and family unit.


  1. What behaviors are typically displayed by children with autism?
  2. What familial behaviors place children with autism, at a higher risk of stress?
  3. Which behavioral interventions are proposed for use by parents of children with autism?