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Case Study with Activity

Mark has been working in a social work team for older adults for the past three months. In general he is enjoying his work, but he finds it difficult to accept that some of the relatives he works with offer limited support to the older members of their family. The assessment process with Mrs Macintyre has been particularly contentious for Mark because her daughter, Susie, has said she will not provide any support, even though Mrs Macintyre would prefer this. Although Mark can understand that Susie has her own life, other responsibilities and commitments, he can see that Susie’s stance is having a detrimental effect on Mrs Macintyre.


  • Why Mark may be finding it difficult to work with Susie.
  • What ‘personal baggage’ Mark might bring to this exchange.
  • What impact Mark’s views may be having on the process of assessment.
  • The support Mark may require dealing with the impact of this work on him.

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