Case Studies / Activities


The chapter discussed in some detail the work of William Bridges and his concepts of change and transition. You can learn more from Bridges at his website:  You may find this article available on that site of particular use:  

We believe that understanding the differences between change and transition is a key area of learning and one that can be applied to your own life as much as that of the service users you work with.

The exercise below asks you to think about your own experience of change and transition and to share your experiences with a small group of other people. We are aware that such exercises have the potential to evoke strong emotions. It is important before engaging in this exercise that you think about a source of support for yourself, should you find the exercise upsetting.

Task: Get together with a small group of other students and think about significant events in your own lives that have involved some element of change – for example, starting a new job, leaving home to go to University, the death of a friend or family member, getting married, becoming a mum or dad, relocating to a new town/city. Identify the transition you needed to make to adjust to this change. How did you cope? What personal strengths did you draw upon? Were there particular things/ people that assisted you? If so, what was it that made a positive difference? What did you learn from the experience that has contributed to your personal growth?