Case Studies / Activities


This activity is best undertaken in small groups. It is designed to get you to think about your views in relation to criminal justice matters and to defend those views in light of argument put forward by others. You will need sticky notes and a pen for each person. Each person should write down on a sticky note whether he/she agrees/disagrees with each of the following statements and the reason for the response. Each person will need one sticky note per statement. We are asking you to use sticky notes because using a small piece of paper encourages you to crystallise your thinking and ‘get to the heart’ of what your view is. Avoid ‘sitting on the fence’ wherever possible. After you have formed a view about each statement discuss your answers with others in the group. You should debate any areas where there are differences of opinion. Statements:

  1. Most offenders are treated too leniently by the Courts.
  2. Male offenders are more harshly treated than female offenders.
  3. Most crime is committed by young men.
  4. Rehabilitation of offenders doesn’t work.
  5. The criminal justice system doesn’t care about the feelings of victims.
  6. Community sentences are an easy option.
  7. The only way to effect change in offending behaviour is for offenders to serve prison sentences.
  8. Children who commit offences receive no punishment for their actions