Further Readings

Oliver’s (2010) introductory text, The Student’s Guide to Research Ethics, is comprehensive and reader-friendly. Wiles’ (2013) book, What Are Qualitative Research Ethics?, is very informative on broader as well as more specific ethical issues. King’s (2019) book chapter provides a basic introduction to research ethics, gives specific advice on completing forms for ethical review and includes a section on internet/online research. Willig’s (2012) Qualitative Interpretation and Analysis in Psychology is unusual in its serious consideration of the ethics of data analysis and interpretation. Miller et al.’s (2012) thought-provoking edited volume, Ethics in Qualitative Research, considers research ethics from a feminist perspective.

Turning to articles on specific ethical issues, Gerrard (2020) discusses anonymization in social media research and Marcella-Hood (2020) reports on a study exploring identity with self-curated Instagram images and provides an extensive discussion of the particular ethical challenges of the study.