Appendix 1: Data Set

In Appendix 1 in the book, Arnie Reed provides a Preface in which he contextualizes his qualitative study of ex-soldiers’ accounts of renegotiating identity after leaving the army. This is followed by the transcripts of interviews with two ex-soldiers, David and Brian. These transcripts are analysed in each of the five ‘Doing…’ chapters in the book (Chapters 8, 10, 12, 14 and 16).

In these online materials that accompany the book, Arnie Reed has made available six additional transcripts of interviews with ex-soldiers, taken from the same study. These are made available under the same conditions and with the same permissions as the transcripts of the interviews with David and Brian. Care has been taken to remove any material from the transcripts that might make it possible to identify the interviewees, mostly the names of people, places and regiments. The names assigned to the participants are pseudonyms. Pauses in the interviews are indicated by the use of three dots; clarificatory material is placed in square brackets.