Exercise 1: Extending the thematic analysis in Chapter 8

In Chapter 8 in the book, Gareth Terry presents a thematic analysis of the transcripts of the interviews with the ex-soldiers David and Brian that appear in Appendix 1 there. You are invited to extend that analysis by subjecting some or all of the additional transcripts of interviews with ex-soldiers to thematic analysis. (See Appendix 1 for the additional interview transcripts from Arnie Reed’s study with ex-soldiers.)  Follow the phases and procedures that Virginia Braun and Victoria Clarke describe in Chapter 7 and that Gareth Terry describes in Chapter 8.

Consider how your analysis of the additional data changes the preliminary analysis that Gareth offers in Chapter 8.

  • Does your analysis of the additional data confirm all or parts of his analysis?
  • Does it cause all or parts of his analysis to be revised or to be set aside entirely?