Further Reading

Further reading will deepen your knowledge of topics covered in the textbook

Journal Article 18.1: Blanco-Oliver, A., Veronesi, G. and Kirkpatrick, I. (2016) ‘Board heterogeneity and organisational performance’, Journal of Business Ethics. http://dx.doi.org/10.1007/s10551-016-3290-8

Discussion Points: What administrative data underpins the study? What analytical approach do they take? What are the key findings?

Journal Article 18.2: Kirkpatrick, I., Bullinger, B., Lega, F. and Dent, M. (2013) ‘The translation of hospital management reforms in European health systems: A framework for comparison’, British Journal of Management 24: S48–61.

Discussion Points: What administrative data do the authors draw on? What are the challenges and opportunities for international comparison of management data?