Further Reading

Further reading will deepen your knowledge of topics covered in the textbook

Journal Article 7.1: Hunter, C., Chew-Graham, C. and Langer, S. et al. (2013) ‘A qualitative study of patient choices in using emergency health care for long-term conditions: The importance of candidacy and recursivity’, Patient Education and Counselling 93: 335–41.

Discussion Points: Could this research data have been collected using different tools? What are the advantages of using semi-structured interviews? What are the challenges?

Journal Article 7.2: Simmonds, R. L., Tylee, A., Walters, P. and Rose, D. (2013) ‘Patients’ perceptions of depression and coronary heart disease: A qualitative UPBEAT-UK study’, BMC Family Practice 14(38): 1–9.

Discussion Points: Why are unstructured interviews useful in this research context? What are the advantages and disadvantages of such an approach?