Further Reading

Further reading will deepen your knowledge of topics covered in the textbook

Journal Article 22.1: Tenbensel, T., Miller, F., Breton, M., et al. (2017) ‘How do policy and institutional settings shape opportunities for community-based primary health care? A comparison of Ontario, Québec and New Zealand’, International Journal of Integrated Care 17(2): 13.

Discussion Points: What type of comparative research is this? What are key features of this methodological approach? How useful was comparative research in this context?

Journal Article 22.2: Wiig, S., Aase, K., von Plessen, C., et al. (2014) ‘Talking about quality: Exploring how “quality” is conceptualized in European hospitals and healthcare systems’, BMC Health Services Research 14(1): 478.

Discussion Points: What are the main features of the comparative research outlined here? What benefits did it have in this context?