Further Reading

Further reading will deepen your knowledge of topics covered in the textbook

Journal Article 25.1: Holloway, K. (2012) ‘Doing the e-Delphi: Using online survey tools’, Computers, Informatics, Nursing 30: 347–50.

Discussion Points: What are the advantages of doing online e-Delphi surveys? What are the challenges?

Journal Article 25.2: Marques-Toledo, C. A., Degener, C. M., Vinhal, L., Coelho, G., Meira, W., Codeco, C. T. and Teixeira, M. M. (2017) ‘Dengue prediction by the web: Tweets are a useful tool for estimating and forecasting Dengue at country and city level’, PLoS Neglected Tropical Disease 11: e0005729.

Discussion Points: What benefits are there of using Twitter in health research? What are the drawbacks?