Annotated Suggested Readings

The following SAGE publications provide a helpful guide to establishing an integrated approach to outdoor education in a school:

Knight, S. (2013a) Forest School and Outdoor Learning in the Early Years. London: SAGE

Warden, C. (2015) Learning with Nature: Embedding outdoor practice. London: SAGE.

These two recent papers give the latest insights into current research:

Christie, B., Higgins, P. and McLaughlin, P. (2014) Did you enjoy your holiday? Can residential outdoor learning benefit mainstream schooling? Journal of Adventure Education and Outdoor Learning, 14(1): 1–23.

Williams, R. (2013) Woven into the fabric of experience: residential adventure education and complexity. Journal of Adventure Education and Outdoor Learning, 13(2): 107–24.

The Learning Away website provides a wealth of material including case studies, resources and the evidence to help you argue for, plan and evaluate residential experiences: