Annotated Suggested Readings

Beames, S. and Brown, M. (2016) Adventurous Learning: A Pedagogy for a Changing World. New York: Routledge.

Beames and Brown suggest that a pedagogy that challenges and excites is most important inside or outside the classroom, using concepts of authenticity, agency, uncertainty and mastery discussed in this chapter.


Beames, S., Higgins, P. and Nicol, R. (2011) Learning Outside the Classroom. London: Routledge.

A useful examination of practical issues such as risk management and supervising groups outdoors, as well as theory underpinning learning outdoors for curriculum, sustainability and key skills.


Wattchow, B. and Brown, M. (2011) A Pedagogy of Place: Outdoor Education for a Changing World. Victoria, Australia: Monash University.

This text focuses more on adventure education and argues that practices should be acutely responsive to local conditions and cultural traditions.


Transforming Outdoor Learning in Schools: Lessons from the Natural Connections Project

This booklet draws together the learning from evidence collected as part of the Natural Connections Project into a short practical guide for schools wanting to increase opportunities for curriculum learning and positive health and well-being outcomes in local natural environments.