Annotated Suggested Readings

Gundem, B.B. and Hopmann, S. (eds) (1998) Didaktik and/or Curriculum: An International Dialog. New York: Peter Lang Publishing, Inc.

A useful text to explain Anglo-American and European pedagogical differences and commonalities.


Henderson, B. and Vikander, N. (eds) (2007) Nature First: Outdoor Life the Friluftsliv Way. Ontario, Canada: Natural Heritage Books.

Find out more about friluftsliv.


Waite, S. and Pleasants, K. (2012) Cultural perspectives on experiential learning in outdoor spaces. Journal of Adventure Education and Outdoor Learning, 12(3): 161–165.

Consider the cultural dimensions of learning and learning environments.


Waite, S., Bølling, M. and Bentsen, P. (2015) Comparing apples and pears? A conceptual framework for understanding forms of outdoor learning through comparison of English forest schools and Danish udeskole. Environmental Education Research, 22(6): 868–892.

Explore the framework for comparing different forms of outdoor learning both within and across countries.