Quizzes to test your knowledge and prepare for your exams with multiple choice questions.

1. Which of the following refers to the policies of dominant institutions and behaviour that have an unintentionally harmful effect on groups

a. structural discrimination

b. individual discrimination

c. institutional discrimination

d. indirect discrimination

Ans: A

2. The UK legislative approach to tackling discrimination is often characterised as

a. radical

b. exhaustive

c. liberal

d. hard-line

Ans: C

3. Since 2007, UK anti-discrimination legislation has been supported by which of the following

a. Commission for Gender and Racial Equality

b. Commission for Gender, Racial and Disability Discrimination

c. Commission for the Prevention of Discrimination

d. Commission for Equality and Human Rights

Ans: D

4. Circumstances in which lawful exceptions can be made from the provisions of UK legislation are referred to as

a. legitimate exemption

b. genuine occupational qualification

c. genuine business needs

d. sound reasons

Ans: B

5. At the heart of the equal opportunities approach to ensuring workplace, equality is the basic premise of

a. difference

b. sameness

c. individuality

d. business benefits

Ans: B