Quizzes to test your knowledge and prepare for your exams with multiple choice questions.

1. The dimension of the employment relationship which refers to the implicit expectations that each part has of the other is referred to as

a. the physiological contract

b. the psychological contract

c. the mental pact

d. the implied relationship

Ans: B

2. ‘The act of expressing organisationally desired emotions during service transactions’: (Morris and Feldman, 1996: 987) is referred to as

a. mental labour

b. aesthetic labour

c. emotional labour

d. physical labour

Ans: C

3. The Bath People and Performance Model stress the importance of ‘unlocking’ which of the following to improve individual performance?

a. discretionary behaviour

b. implicit behaviour

c. explicit attitudes

d. unintended effort

Ans: A

4. The economic dimension of the employment relationship is referred to as the

a. money–work arrangement

b. wage–effort bargain

c. reward–motivation contract

d. financial agreement

Ans: B

5. The terms of an employment contract can be either

a. express or implied

b. hard or soft

c. definitive or vague

d. limited or unlimited

Ans: A