Quizzes to test your knowledge and prepare for your exams with multiple choice questions.

1. The concept of globalisation can be understood as both

a. process and outcome

b. process and practice

c. practice and policy

d. outcome and output

Ans: A

2. Hofstee’s (2001) typology of cultural difference is constructed of the following variables –individualism, masculinity, time orientation, uncertainty avoidance and which other

a. power distance

b. power ratio

c. femininity

d. risk-taking

Ans: A

3. According to Hofstede, masculinity in the ‘Anglo’ cultural cluster is characterised as

a. high

b. low

c. moderate

d. diverse

Ans: A

4. According to Hofstede, uncertainty avoidance in the ‘more developed Asian’ cultural cluster is characterised as

a. low

b. diverse

c. high

d. moderate

Ans: C

5. The approach to ethical decision-making which emphasises fundamental human rights rather than a concern for consequences is referred to as

a. consequential

b. deontological

c. cultural relativism

d. social justice

Ans: B