Quizzes to test your knowledge and prepare for your exams with multiple choice questions.

1. What approach to HR strategy formation advocates an internal focus as the basis for decision-making

a. best fit

b. best practice

c. resource-based view

d. balanced scorecard

Ans: C

2. HPWS stands for which of the following in HRM

a. High-performance Work Systems

b. High-powered Work Systems

c. High-performance Working Standards

d. High-performance Worker Skills

Ans: A

3. Under the VRIO framework, which four characteristics of organisational assets are associated with the development of competitive advantage

a. veracity, rarity, inimitability, organisation

b. value, rarity, inimitability, organisation

c. value, randomness, inaccessibility, organisation

d. veracity, randomness, inaccessibility, oddness

Ans: B

4. The balanced scorecard advocates the assessment of organisational performance according to which four dimensions

a. profitability, productivity, feedback, people

b. financial, operations, client, learning and development

c. profit, market share, turnover, productivity

d. financial, customer, process, learning and development

Ans: D

5. Which approach to strategy formation is associated with responding to the unpredictability of an organisation’s immediate competitive environment

a. evolutionary

b. systems

c. classical

d. processual

Ans: A