Quizzes to test your knowledge and prepare for your exams with multiple choice questions.

1. Which of the following is not a term used to describe ‘new’ forms of career

a. post-corporate

b. boundaryless

c. free-form

d. coherent

Ans: D

2. Which of the following is used to describe careers which require the perpetual ‘reinvention’ of the self in order to maintain employability

a. Herculean

b. Protean

c. Sisyphian

d. Mercurial

Ans: B

3. Which of the following is not typically associated with the ‘traditional’ career

a. hierarchical progression

b. continuity

c. bureaucratic context

d. lack of structure

Ans: D

4. Which of the following terms is not used to describe new forms of career

a. unpredictable

b. subjective

c. discontinuous

d. bounded

Ans: D

5. Which of the following is not one of Schein’s (1990) eight career anchors

a. security/stability

b. geographic mobility

c. service or dedication to a cause

d. pure challenge

Ans: B