Quizzes to test your knowledge and prepare for your exams with multiple choice questions.

1. The expression of workplace conflict which partly seeks to demonstrate that workplace performance relies on workers exercising discretion beyond the requirements of their formal contract of employment is referred to as

a. work-to-rule

b. sabotage

c. sit-ins

d. lockouts

Ans: A

2. What has been the dominant trend in the employee expression of conflict in the workplace

a. individualism to collectivism

b. collectivism to individualism

c. sabotage to strikes

d. long- to short-term

Ans: B

3. What is the term given to those workers who are more likely to experience multiple workplace problems, partly because they are afforded little scope to assert their individual rights in the absence of trade unions

a. disenfranchised workers

b. remote workers

c. flexible workers

d. vulnerable workers

Ans: D

4. Which of the following dimensions of employee discipline is most consistent with ‘high-performance HRM’

a. punitive

b. remedial

c. authoritative

d. penal

Ans: B

5. Which of the following is a form of discipline typically associated with the workplace

a. managerial discipline

b. self-discipline

c. peer discipline

d. customer discipline

Ans: D