Discussion Questions


Discussion Questions (Critical Incident, p. 398)

  1. How might you facilitate an initial counseling session with this young woman?
  2. How does this young woman’s situation illustrate tensions in the acculturation process?
  3. In the contextual domain, what elements of the broader social setting and the specific school setting do you think are influencing the situation?
  4. In the relational domain, how would you identify who should be part of the counseling process? Should friends, family members, or others be involved? Who should make the decisions regarding whom to include or exclude, and how will these choices affect the sessions?
  5. In the individual domain, what identities, personality attributes, and personal characteristics are pertinent to the situation?
  6. How does this situation illustrate the interactions among domains within the ecology of acculturation?
  7. How would you design an intervention for this young woman that takes into account the influences from all ecological domains?