Discussion Questions

Discussion Questions (General)

  1. What are the negative consequences of describing North American Indigenous peoples in a collective manner that de-emphasizes diversity?
  2. What are the political dynamics likely to influence the effectiveness of cross-cultural counseling more with North American Indigenous peoples that with any of the other minority groups?
  3. What are some of the reasons that North American Indigenous peoples underutilize mental health services?
  4. Describe the generalized system of values which is said to characterize North American Indigenous peoples?
  5. Describe how you would assess a client's "acculturative status" in counseling.

Discussion Questions (Critical Incident p. 114)

  1. What is the culturally relevant history a therapist needs to understand when working with a client such as Donna?
  2. What are some of the culturally relevant techniques a counselor can use when working with Native clients who have been abused by people in positions of power, such as priests?
  3. How can a therapist connect a Native client back to his or her culture and its various institutions and practices?
  4. How might Donna’s therapist help her to reconnect with her family in a manner that promotes wellness for everyone?