Case Studies

These case studies were selected to illustrate basic concepts in this chapter.  As you review the case example see if you can "spot the concept" from the chapter which is illustrated in the case.  These case examples may be useful for classroom discussion, for role playing in class, or to put the concepts from this chapter in a real-world context.
1. A counselor at an urban high school was leaving his office after school to meet with a teacher in another building.  As he approached the school library he heard two people screaming and shouting.  As the counselor went to see what the commotion was all about he witnessed a Vietnamese mother hitting a young Vietnamese female with an umbrella.  The counselor immediately stopped the woman from hitting the student and escorted them to the administration office.
Mrs. Troung, a volunteer teacher's aide, was called in to assist with the matter.  After a long discussion with the mother and student, Mrs. Troung shared with the counselor the following:  The older Vietnamese woman was the mother of the student.  She was upset because the daughter had told the mother that she was studying at the school library and that was why she was arriving home late for the past several nights.  Today the mother came to the school to make sure her daughter was really studying.  Upon arriving to the school the mother found her daughter holding hands with a Vietnamese boy.  The mother began hitting her daughter for lying.  The parent's rule was that she was not to have a boyfriend until she was ready to marry.
2. An Asian family met with a family therapist because the parents were having difficulty controlling their oldest son.  The parents were immigrants and were referred to family services via a community agency.  The therapist, a Hispanic female, was experiencing difficulty in establishing a smooth session.  Although she was aware of the cultural factors in counseling Asian families, she realized that for some reason the session did not go as well as she wanted. As the session came to an end the therapist scheduled them for the following week. 
A couple of days later the family cancelled their appointment and asked if they could have a referral.  The therapist asked if she had upset them in any way and the mother responded that she did not; however, she did comment that her husband would feel more comfortable if the therapist were an older Asian male.