Discussion Questions


Discussion Questions (General)

  1. What are some problems that arise in developing a model of counseling specifically for Asian Americans?
  2. What guidelines would you identify as most important for yourself as you work with Asian American clients?
  3. What is the likelihood of concepts popular among Asian and Asian American cultures also being found useful for other cultural groups?  What concepts would you recommend?

Discussion Questions (Critical Incident pg. 137)

  1. Why does Simon not ask his professor for further assistance or guidance? Choose the best answer:
    1. Simon thinks that the professor would have written on the test that it was necessary to see him, if he really cared.
    2. Simon feels that chemistry is no longer important in his life.
    3. Simon is too ashamed to see his professor again.
    4. Simon is upset with his professor for not reviewing the necessary material with him.
  2. How might Simon’s cultural context help to explain his headaches and stomach troubles?
  3. What other cultural factors could also account for Simon’s experience?