Chapter 14: Literature Review: Reviewing the Narrative Data

Quizzes give you the chance to test your knowledge through multiple choice questions, short answers, matching activities and other revision tools.

This multiple-choice quiz will help you to consolidate your understanding of the research process.  For each of the question select one or more of the answers you believe to be correct.

1. A successful literature review:

a. Synthesizes material from several sources on the same question/research topic.

b. Assesses the state of existing knowledge on a topic by comparing studies in terms of assumptions about the research question, experimental method, data analysis, any conclusions drawn, and to raise questions for further research.

c. Both a and b.

Answer: C

2. To enable you to begin your review you need to have considered all of the following questions except which one?

a. Do you have relevant sources?

b. Are your sources from scholarly academic journals or books?

c. Can you offer justification for using popular sources?

d. Do you have enough paper to print your final project?

Answer: D

3. The introduction to your literature review should:

a. Engage the reader in your topic

b. State the issue (research question)

c. Progressively narrow topic to specific lines of research

d. State the thesis that expresses your assessment of the state of knowledge on the issue

e. All of the Above

Answer: E

4. The body should:

a. Describe and evaluate each study/source

b. Contain meaningful headings/sub-headings that organize the paper

c. Contain paragraphs that compare/contrast important factors

d. All of the above

Answer: D

5. The conclusion should:

a. Evaluate and summarize what researchers have shown

b. Show strengths and weaknesses

c. Provide questions for further study

d. All of the above.

Answer: D