Chapter 24: Using Research in Clinical Practice

Quizzes give you the chance to test your knowledge through multiple choice questions, short answers, matching activities and other revision tools.

1. Give five possible barriers to the implementation of research findings in to clinical practice:


Gate-keepers, lack of time, lack of money, professional inertia, lack of leadership, lack of appropriate research evidence, conflicting research evidence, lack of knowledge.

2. List five groups of people who may be affected by a change in practice:


Patients, clients and service users

Nurses, midwives and other members of the health care team

Relatives of patients and clients

Service user groups


Budget holders


Policy makers

3. Identify four ways in which health care professionals could be informed about the proposed implementation of new research findings in a practice area.


Presentation of the new findings at a journal club

Displaying the key research papers on staff notice boards

One-to-one discussions with key players / gate-keepers

Presentations at staff meetings

Posters and leaflets

Developing a business case for managers and budget-holders

4. Identify six factors may need to be costed prior to the implementation of new research findings


Time spent implementing the findings

Purchase of new equipment, resources or items

Staff training

Training for the patient, client or their carers

The development of practice guidelines or protocols

Maintenance of equipment

Reorganising the provision of care to accommodate to change

Employing new personnel