Chapter 18: Analysing and presenting quantitative data

Read the following journal article which uses quantitative methodology.

Sonnenschein, S., Stites, M. and Dowling, R. (2021) ‘Learning at home: what preschool children’s parents do and what they want to learn from their children’s teachers’, Journal of Early Childhood Research, 19(3), pp. 309–22. doi: 10.1177/1476718X20971321.

  1. What were the aims of the study?
  2. Who were the participants and how were they recruited and selected?
  3. The data were collected using an on line survey. How might administering the survey online affect the results of the study? Hint, the participants section gives you a clue.
  4. Look at the example of the survey questions. How do you know that this is a qualitative questionnaire?
  5. How were the data analysed?
  6. Most of the analysis was descriptive. What does this mean?
  7. What were the main findings/conclusions?
  8. Design a research study with similar aims to this one but where qualitative methodology is used. What advantages/disadvantages would be associated with this approach?