Chapter 14: Questionnaires

Test your understanding of each chapter by taking the quiz below. Click anywhere on the question to reveal the answer. Good luck!

1. Which is the most appropriate statement?

  1. A survey and a research study using questionnaires is the same thing
  2. Surveys only use questionnaires to collect data
  3. Questionnaires are primarily quantitative in nature
  4. You are not permitted to include quantitative and qualitative questions in the same questionnaire

Ans: C

2. When would it not be appropriate to use a questionnaire?

  1. A study looking at the level of knowledge of 100 early childhood practitioners about the key person system
  2. Research involving 150 early years settings on the number of staff they have educated to degree level
  3. Research investigating the views of six practitioners in a setting where there has been a change in the settling-in policy
  4. A study looking at parental satisfaction in a ‘chain’ of 12 nurseries

Ans: C

3. A structured questionnaire is one

  1. Where only closed questions are used or the respondent has to choose from a limited set of options
  2. Where an online survey tool is used to structure the questionnaire
  3. Which only includes open questions
  4. Where respondents are encouraged to structure their responses in whichever way they want

Ans: A

4. Which is not a reason for piloting a questionnaire?

  1. To see if the questions are understood by the target population
  2. To check that the responses you receive are what you need to answer your research question
  3. To see if it is not too long and that the respondents maintain their concentration levels
  4. If the first five respondents fill in the questionnaire well you may not need to undertake a study with more people
  5. To help you decide on the best way to analyse the data

Ans: D

5. Choose the most appropriate statement:

  1. Questionnaires are easy to design
  2. Questionnaires are the first choice for students because a computer package will do all the work for you
  3. Questionnaires are fiendishly difficult to design
  4. The most appropriate way to administer a questionnaire is by post because you will get a high response rate

Ans: C