Chapter 19: Qualitative methods of data analysis

Test your understanding of each chapter by taking the quiz below. Click anywhere on the question to reveal the answer. Good luck!

1. Which of the following statements is most applicable to qualitative analysis

  1. All the data have to be collected before analysis can begin
  2. Once the coding is complete the themes must be converted to numerical data
  3. It is advisable to always use a computer package to analyse qualitative data
  4. Data analysis is often described as a spiral, with interim analysis throwing up ideas that need further investigation

Ans: D

2.  Using the following four terms fill in the gaps

Thematic analysis

Grounded theory

Discourse analysis

Interpretative phenomenological analysis

  1. ______ aims to understand an individual’s experiences from their own perspective (Coolican, 2018)
  2. ______, aims to show ‘how power is exercised through language’ (Denscombe, 2017: 311).
  3. ______ aims to aid the researcher in developing concepts or theory (Denscombe, 2017)
  4. ______ aims to identify common themes within data (Coolican, 2018)

a. Interpretative phenomenological analysis

b. Discourse analysis

c. Grounded theory

d. Thematic analysis

3. What is intra coder reliability?

  1. Two or more researchers independently code data and complete the task accurately and meet deadline
  2. The coders can be relied upon to turn up to meetings on time
  3. The data is analysed independently by more than one coder and the themes revealed are roughly similar
  4. Intra-coder reliability means that the codes are applied consistently, by different coders, with similar segments being assigned the same code

Ans: D

4. Theoretical saturation occurs when

  1. The researcher has completed the reading for their literature review because they have all the theory they need
  2. The data analysis spiral has ceased to uncover any new themes
  3. The researcher has run out of time to collect any more data
  4. Interim analysis throws up a theme which runs counter to all the other themes so the researcher concludes that this must be an error and decides not to investigate

Ans: B