Chapter 20: Writing up and sharing your findings

Standing, K. (1998) ‘Writing the voices of the less powerful: research on lone mothers’, in J. Ribbens and R. Edwards (eds), Feminist Dilemmas in Qualitative Research: Public Knowledge and Private Lives. London: SAGE.

In this chapter, Standing asks the reader to think about how they represent the voices of others in research. She focuses on working-class mothers in particular and the juxtaposition of her own ‘academic’ writing and the voices of these women as she came to write up her study.

Albon, D. (2006) ‘Writing up research involving child participants: some reflections by Ian, aged 5 years’.

In this short paper, Albon outlines her discussions with a child who was interested in the writing up process of her research. The paper says something about research relationships, children’s interest in adults’ writing and feedback on writing, comparing it to their own experience of writing in school.