Chapter 2: The research proposal

Test your understanding of each chapter by taking the quiz below. Click anywhere on the question to reveal the answer. Good luck!

1. Which is not a feature of a research proposal?

  1. A short literature review
  2. A discussion of the findings
  3. A section on how the data to be analysed
  4. A section discussing proposed data collection method

Ans: B

2. Choose the best answer. A research journal is

  1. A notebook to make notes of research methods lectures
  2. Useful for recording what you have done and notes about what has to be done in the research process
  3. A diary recording your private thoughts about life
  4. Good for recording useful addresses

Ans: B

3. Choose the best answer. When you have your first meeting with your research supervisor you should

  1. Bring a small gift as a token of your appreciation
  2. Not discuss your own ideas as the supervisor will tell you exactly what to do
  3. Ask your supervisor to autograph the copy of the book that he or she has published
  4. Have thought about your research beforehand so that you can discuss the suitability of the research question and methodology

Ans: D

4. Which of the following statements is true about inferential statistics?

  1. Keeping quiet about when you are in difficulties. The supervisor doesn’t want to be worried by your problems
  2. Sending drafts of your work when requested
  3. Be organized and prepared ready for each session
  4. Being independent rather than expecting your supervisor to tell you exactly what to do

Ans: A

5. Choose the best answer. A research proposal

  1. Contains a discussion as to the degree to which your findings were valid and reliable
  2. Is always presented as a written document
  3. Acts as a guide to your research and indicates clearly what you intend to do
  4. Is not that important – your ideas are sure to change and it isn’t assessed anyway

Ans: C