Chapter 1: Research design

Test your understanding of each chapter by taking the quiz below. Click anywhere on the question to reveal the answer. Good luck!

1. Which are parts of the research cycle?

  1. Design research
  2. Review the literature
  3. Analyse data
  4. All of these

Ans: D

2.  The Russian Doll test is used when you

  1. Want to choose an area of interest for your research
  2. Want to narrow down the focus of your research
  3. Want to check that your research is ethical
  4. Want to check that you have chosen the right way to obtain your sample

Ans: B

3. Which is not an example of qualitative research?

  1. Using in depth interviews to obtain practitioners’ perspectives on the role-play area
  2. An analysis of two children’s mark making over a period of a year to observe the development of emergent writing
  3. A questionnaire survey of 100 parents to identify the relationship between total minutes of ‘screen time’ per day at home and 3-year-olds’ language development
  4. A case study of five families looking at their experiences of looking after a child with severe disabilities

Ans: C

4. Which is not an example of non-probability sampling?

  1. Opportunity or convenience sampling
  2. Stratified sampling
  3. Snowball sampling
  4. Purposive sampling

Ans: B

5. Which statement is correct?

  1. A test is valid if it gives the same result when administered to the same person on two different occasions
  2. A test is valid if two different researchers will get the same result when the test is administered to the same person
  3. A test is valid when it has internal consistency
  4. A test is valid if it measures what it sets out to measure

Ans: D