Chapter 11: Action research

Test your understanding of each chapter by taking the quiz below. Click anywhere on the question to reveal the answer. Good luck!

1. Action research is

  1. Research which involves participants in some sort of physical activity
  2. Conducted by participants rather than being about them
  3. No different from everyday activities involved in improving professional practice
  4. Not bound by ethical principles because it is part of the normal quality improvement cycle

Ans: B

2.  Which research aim would be best suited to action research?

  1. Finding out how many hours 3-year old children experience every week
  2. Investigating parental perceptions about using over the counter pain relief for infants under 1 year of age
  3. An investigation by the staff team of staff and parents’ perceptions about the benefits and barriers to effective parental partnership in the nursery they work in, with a view to making improvements
  4. Investigating how well early childcare and education staff feel that they have been trained to meet the needs of children with special educational needs in a particular London borough

Ans: C

3. Which statement is not true about action research?

  1. Action research is a good approach to use to investigate parental partnership if you are a student visiting a nursery once a week
  2. Action research is practical and collaborative
  3. The action research cycle is often ‘messy’ as stages often overlap
  4. One can use a variety of data collecting methods in action research

Ans: A