Video and Multimedia

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Video Clips

Primary Prevention in Mental Health: Approaches & Examples” 
This video presentation features some examples of mental health promotion and mental illness prevention initiatives.  Presented by: Barbara Neuwelt, Senior Policy and Research Analyst with the Mental Health Commission of Canada

Preventing the Onset of Severe Mental Illness: Lessons Learned
A video from one young woman about her journey through the Early Detection and Intervention for the Prevention of Psychosis program and how the intervention changed her life and set her on a path to help others facing similar situations. Presented by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Incorporating Prevention into Mental Health Settings 
A clip of Dr. Michael T. Compton, editor of the Clinical Manual of Prevention in Mental Health, presents opportunities for practicing mental health clinicians to become more prevention-minded in their work. Video by SAMHSA

Prevention and Early Intervention in Behavioral Health 
A short clip from the Road to Recovery series by SAMHSA covering prevention tips.

Audio Clips

Global Lessons on Integrated Mental/Health Care 
A Center on Mental Health Services Research and Policy audio clip about the integration of medical care and mental health care and potential solutions.