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Video Clips

Passion with a purpose
This talk was given at a local TEDx event Kim Valentini talks about her mid-life transition and how important finding your passion is to a fulfilling life.

How-to Make a Mid-Life Career Change
Jobs expert Kerry Hannon talks about the dos and don'ts of making a mid-life career change.

How to Change Careers
Linda Spencer, the assistant director and coordinator of career advising at Harvard Extension School, provides thoughtful insight to help you make the transition.

Coping With Job Loss
Dr. Frank Doberman discusses the stress that is associated with losing your job.

Navigating Major Career Transitions
In this Harvard Business Review video, Michael D. Watkins discusses how to handle your next move.

Career Counseling Strategies for Adult Clients
Judith Grutter, MS, NCC, MCC, will teach Career Counseling strategies geared for use with adult clients.

Audio Clips

Reinventing Your Career After a Mid-Life Layoff
An interview with Thomas Weis who explains how to manage your anxiety and self-doubt when the worst happens? Laid off in his mid 50s (which he aptly calls “the throw away age group”), learn how this professional faces the end of a 30-year career and reinvents himself.