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Video Clips

How can we grow healthy children?
In this TedX video clip, Professor Debra Pepler discusses the need for children to have connections with caring adults now more than ever as they are growing up in a deeply digital world.

Establishing a strong relationship with your child.
This video features Dr. Charlie Orsak. Dr. Orsak recommends parents establish a strong relationship with their children when they are young.

Highly Successful Strategies to Guide Young Children's Behavior
A video written by Dr. Patricia Vardin which shows a variety of proven supportive guidance techniques to foster positive prosocial behavior and self regulation in the early childhood classroom

Audio Clips

Positive Parenting
Psychologist Warren Cann talks with 3RRR radio host Jacinta Parsons about positive parenting.

Promoting Healthy Parent Child Relationships
A short podcast presented by Military One Source with helpful tips and resources to help parents develop health relationships with their child.