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Video Clips

Work, retirement and old men's depression
In this video clip Dr. David Kuhl talks about work, retirement and older men's depression.

What is the psychological impact of having additional guaranteed income in retirement?
A video from the New York Life Center for Retirement Income reviews results of recent research that demonstrate that those with guaranteed retirement income have a higher level of well-being and a lower incidence of depression than those who do not.

Occupational therapy and older people
This video reviews the effect of occupational therapy and its role in helping older people continue to live independently at home and cope with daily tasks.

Pain Management in the Elderly
This video looks broadly at pain management in the elderly.

Supporting People with Chronic Pain
In this video, counselor Richard Hill talks about supporting those who are dealing with chronic pain, whether the person supported is the one with the pain, or the caregiver to the one with the pain.

Rural Retirement
Cornell professors of development sociology David Brown and Nina Glasgow highlight the challenges and opportunities presented by migration at older

Audio Clips

Rebuilding a Nest Egg after the Great Recession
NPR podcast from the retirement series

Retirement may be bad for your health
Sure, we all dream of leaving the office forever. But what if it's bad for your health?