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Video Clips

How Teens Develop Sexual Identity
In this video, Dr. Lee Carlisle explains recent changes in attitudes among teens about the development of sexual identify, and how physicians can gain expertise in discussing sexual identity with teenagers.

Erik Erikson’s Identity Crisis: Who am I?
This video discusses how we form our identity and what that means for our success as an adult.

Development of Sexual Identity, Barriers to Intimacy, and the Promotion of Sexual Health
Eli Coleman, PhD, examines positive sexual identity development, the development of intimate relationships, and growing up in a sexually healthy environment.

The Future of Multiracial Identity
In this TedX video, Sylvia Targ discusses biracial identity and revolutionary ideas regarding how we view ourselves and others. Sylvia is an avid intern at Stanford Behavioral Sciences & Psychology.

Improving lives for sexual minority youth
This video, produced by the University of Alberta, examines the struggle of sexual minority youth to find a place in mainstream society and applying that research to programming that helps improve their lives.

Audio Clips

Finding Your Racial and Ethnic Identity in Foster Care
Former foster youth Angel Adams tells her story of her racial and ethnic journey while in foster care.  Angel is a member of Facing Foster Care in Alaska, and her artwork has appeared on the cover of National Court Appointed Special Advocates Connection magazine.